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John Wakeford

Founder and Director of the Missenden Seminars and national development programmes, including graduate school development, quality assurance and enhancement, and RAE strategy. From my 50 years of experience of working in universities I offer understanding of the needs of senior university staff. Since 1987 I have been researching, planning, designing, and presenting in-house programmes tailored to the needs of HE institutions and individual staff.

Special interests:

  • Postgraduate research student supervision
  • Confidential advice to doctoral students
  • Getting research funded

Over 25 years I have worked with more than half of the HEIs in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and with some abroad. I have designed and delivered in-house programmes for most of them.

The following can be found by searching for ‘John Wakeford’ on the Education Guardian website:

Contact details
31 Deans Farm, The Causeway, Caversham,
Reading RG4 5JZ, UK
T/F +44 (0)1189 017120
M 07905 111415
E john@missendencentre.co.uk
E j.wakeford@lancs.ac.uk